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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Conscious Gardening

That's it! I've decided I'm starting my own movement.

At the point of being beyond-frustrated by seeing one garden after another packed with inappropriate plants that do not fit into the spaces where they were haphazardly planted, I cannot stay silent anymore and must devote my life to conscious gardening.

What exactly is conscious gardening? On its most basic level it is the practice of fully comprehending your garden site and the plants intended for it. That is to say, before shopping for plants, measure your garden site(s). Know its dimensions and then go to the nursery, plant sale, or farmer's market and shop accordingly.

While shopping, read the little information tags on the plants to see if what you're interested in buying will actually fit in your garden when it's fully grown and if your site has the right amount of sun or shade necessary for the plant to live.

Some information that you need to garden consciously will not be on the plant's tag. For instance, how do a particular plant's roots grow? Downward? Outward? Do the roots spread endlessly and pop up in your neighbor's yard? Does the plant continually multiply, or does its growth eventually slow and stop?

You can find out the answers to these questions by doing some research on the Internet (such as on this very blog!) and in great books like Sunset Garden Book. Devour all the resources you can find and many problems can be avoided.

That's all it takes to be part of my conscious gardening movement: a little time invested means you'll have less headaches, spend less time trimming unruly plants (because you won't purchase any), spend less money, use less water, and enjoy your garden more.

So, are you with me?


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