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California Native Plant PR

Thursday, November 03, 2005


In no particular order at this point:

Garden with plants native to your state.
Buy organic products.
Eliminate all synthetic scents, such as chemical air fresheners like "Glade Plug-ins" and car air fresheners that car washes sell, from your life. This will save your lungs and the air. If you want to freshen the air, open the windows or use essential oils made purely from plant sources - preferably organically grown ones.
Recycle plastic bags, other plastics, glass, paper and anything else your municipality recycles.
Don't dump hazardous materials in your garbage. Dispose of them properly.
Never handwash your car at home - it wastes water and pollutes waterways such as rivers, lakes and oceans.
Never dump cleaning materials or any other products in the street - they end up in waterways, kills wildlife and create a toxic environment.
Unplug appliances like toaster ovens, microwaves, hair dryers, phone chargers, coffee makers, etc. when not in use.
Become a vegetarian. Instead of feeding cattle soy, corn and wheat, we could feed the entire world. We would also save millions of acres of land used to raise "livestock." Plus, waste from "livestock" gets into the water supply and pollutes it. The methane produced by cows is contributing to depletion of the ozone layer.
Grow your own food.
Don't use hebicides or pesticides - ever.
Rescue a dog or cat - avoid breeders at all costs. Most pounds or rescue groups have pure breed dogs AND puppies.
Install solar panels on your roof.
Buy a hybrid or electric car (the tango!).
Drive less or don't drive at all.
Walk or ride a bicycle for short trips.
Adopt a child.
Make kindness your number one priority.
Use a cloth diaper service.
Buy items made by people earning a fair wage and receiving health insurance.
Lobby your legislators for fair trade.
Support a community garden.
Support restoration of old buildings.
Question/fight new non-sustainable development in your neighborhood.
Install a gray water system.
Capture and re-use rainwater.
Prevent run-off from your yard.
Turn your yard into a Backyard Wildlife Habitat.
Dump standing water in your yard - prevent mosquitoes.
Cancel your newspaper subscription and read it online.
Reject disposable items.
Get off junk mailing lists.
Repair a broken appliance instead of buying a new one.
Wear more layers in the house instead of turning up the heat in the winter.
Flush the toilet less frequently - unless you absolutely have to.
Compost your green waste.
Turn off lights as you leave a room.
Change all light bulbs in the house to compact fluorescents (except in the bathroom for makeup purposes).
Turn off the sprinkler systems in the winter - water with the hose if the rain stops for a while.
Adjust sprinkler heads in the dry months to ensure they actually water plants and not sidewalks or streets. Set them to go on before dawn, around 5 in the morning. Don't water in the middle of the day during the heat. Water will evaporate before it even makes it to the roots.
Rip out your lawn and plant natives. If you must have a lawn, make it a small one that you don't water much.
Paint with low or no VOC paints (Safecoat brand is the best paint anyway - totally durable and comes in all forms, from paints, to stains to polyurethane alternatives).
Take showers every other day if possible.
Install a low-flow shower head.
Install a low-flow toilet.
Patronize only green dry cleaners and bring your own garment bags.
Use canvas bags at the grocery store.
Buy recycled paper products: toilet paper; paper towels; copy/printer paper; napkins; etc.
Buy biodegradable soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, dish soap, laundry detergent, dishwasher soap.
Stop using chlorine bleach.
Use white vinegar instead.
Stop buying non-stick pans and pots.


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