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Monday, May 23, 2005

How Could I Forget?

In all my haste to announce the creation of my Conscious Gardening movement (now a copyrighted feature of this blog - not really, just sounds impressive), I neglected to mention the one element that is just as important as size, water needs, and sun or shade requirements of a desired plant. That is, of course, make sure the plant you want works in your climate! Hello, that's why I started this blog. How could I forget so quickly!?

The thing that reminded me of my mission in life was seeing all of the tropical plants for sale hanging in the blistering sun outside Whole Foods this morning. Without exception, each plant was in serious distress: wilting and/or fading from green to yellow or brown.

The sight of these poor, climate-challenged critters cemented my belief in Conscious Gardening (not that I needed any reassurance, mind you). I thought, "Now why can't Whole Foods, a supposedly earth-conscious company, sell plants that are appropriate for the region?"

I realize that the tropical plants they're hocking are meant for indoors (I can only assume), and I'm all for a nice dracena in the house in a snazzy pot next to a lovely picture window, but it wouldn't hurt Whole Foods to throw up a few native species in some hanging baskets. Clearly their customer base is already interested in non-mainstream items. That's why we shop at Whole Foods, right? [I can only speak for myself here, so, yes, that is why I shop at Whole Foods. I want to buy products that I can't find at, say, Albertson's. And I can get a dracena at Albertson's.]

Therefore, it only stands to reason that Whole Foods should offer us something different, something earth-friendly and ecologically sound in the plant department. That, my friends, would be California native plants here in Los Angeles. In Denver, they could sell Colorado natives. What a concept!!

I hope someone from Whole Foods corporate is reading this blog. If you're out there, please consider embracing my Conscious Gardening movement in your stores. You already sell organic herbs in pots. That is an excellent start. Selling native plants is the next logical step. Go for it!!


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