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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Green for the Holidays

Upon visiting Whole Foods in Hollywood last week, I discovered their green lifestyle store offshoot of the grocery chain. I have to say, it took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting it; I was only intending to shop at the market for a friend's baby, who is turning one soon. I have been eyeing these cute clothes that are made from organic cotton, and I thought I'd check multiple Whole Foods for some more style options.

I happily stepped into the lifestyle store and began browsing. The selection was not that extensive and the variety was somewhat limited. The baby clothes were all pretty similar, which was a bit of a disappointment.

Nothing in the mix of clothes, shoes, bedding, bath and trinkets really jumped out at me. And then I saw the wrapping paper. I have been searching high and low for wrapping paper made of recycled or non-tree materials. Here it was: "Paporganics, Hemp Wrap." Like a beacon in the night, this gorgeous paper (available in several different original designs) was the answer to my virgin wrapping paper woes.

As a bonus, they were also selling the biodegradable "natural ribbon" made by the same company. After wrapping a few presents with this stuff and tying them up with the ribbon, I can attest to their claims that you can "tie it, shred it, curl it." It curls beautifully.

The cellophane that surrounds the paper is biodegradable too. I loved all the info such as that on the packaging.

Curious for more about Paporganics, I visited their website: www.paporganics.com. There, you can find out fascinating facts about paper. The most startling to me was: "If just 1% of U.S. households used this gift wrap instead of the conventional kind, in one year we'd save 11,457 fully grown trees, 1,981,830 gallons of water, 2.6 billion BTUs of energy, 210,263 pounds of solid waste, and 407,773 pounds of greenhouse gases."

Wow! That's reason enough to me to buy it. Thank you, Paporganics, for making this holiday season a little greener for those of us who are lucky enough to find your sustainable products!


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